• Introduction
  • Preface
  • Kasiniemen Terapiakeskus
  • Kaariportti
  • Abbess
  • Dr. Hermann
  • Carmen
  • My story, by Aulikki Plaami
  • My story, by Seppo Plaami
  • What a wonderful life, by Liisa
  • Our Music
  • Seppo’s Column
  • Why Gate of Heaven Chapel
  • Declaration of Principles
  • What is Spiritualism / Spiritualist
  • Healing
  • What is Meditation
  • The Gate of Heaven song

  • I N T R O D U C T I O N

    The most important asset of any church is within itself, that is, its people or members, individually as well as collectively.
    The Gate of Heaven Chapel agrees with the knowledge that life goes on and that communication with the so called dead is a fact, and that spiritual development gives everyone the opportunity to reach and understand the Highest Morality of the Golden Rule: "Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye also unto them."

    The Church should be a place where we are able to gather together in harmony, joy , love and peace. It is not the place to rule its members and the whole world by preaching punishment from God. The power should be found in its Ministers and Members to encourage, help and heal each and everyone according to their needs, so each and everyone can grow strong in their own belief, find their own strength, have the will to reach out, get in touch with the Highest Morality, and learn self-realization in living by the Golden Rule.

    If you seek self-realization, live within the spirit of the Golden Rule.


    I am 35 years old and to this day , I still remember from my youth how we felt about "church". Our opinion was: Church is out!! All youngsters who had something to do with the church were not welcomed among us. Why is it that the church has that bad image among young people?

    When you are young, you are very frightened to be labeled as a "religious" young person, and if you were, it is the worst thing that could happen to you. There's no way to be fully accepted by your peer group. In my opinion, young people today have to be strong, cool, and tough in an environment of intense competition and increasing school violence. There is no place for the "soft" ones.

    Now I ask you to remember that I am speaking about my youth and my school experience in Finland where only a small group of young people are really "religious", although 95% of Finland's population belongs to State Churches, such as the Evangelical Lutherans, the Roman Catholics, etc. Belonging to one of these does not mean that you are religious; it is more like a kind of population register center where you belong.

    I am a Youth Minister and an active member of GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL.
    Today I understand that to do any kind of labeling, you must first investigate, and it concerns not only religious organizations, but just about everything.
    To learn to be strong as an individual, to think independently without fear of labels, is very difficult for most everyone, not only for the young ones.

    I have found out, and do understand now, that this kind of philosophical charity work what we do, among many other charity organisations, needs a kind of legal structure to be accepted as a part of our societal system, and why not to be called “Church”.

    Here at GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL I have felt "at home" and feel that I am among like-minded persons. We all work together equally for the common good of all people regardless of age, race, creed, philosophy, or religious consepts.

    If you are open-minded and ready to face an amazing reality, you are welcome to join us at the GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL, a 21st Century Family Church.
    Rev. Juha Sironen

    Kasiniemen Terveys,-Ravinto ja Musiikki Terapiakeskus

    Kasiniemen Terapiakeskus, our first Center, was established in the year 1984, in Kasiniemi, Finland. We, Aulikki and Seppo, decided to establish a center where people could come and have the possibility to relax, have different kinds of natural treatments, take part in spiritual seances and seminars, and have the opportunity to grow in the undestanding of spiritual knowledge.

    W e did ask help from our Spirit Friends to find a place where we could go on with this Spiritual Work, and we were told that the sign will be a circle.

    We were in contact with the people in cities and communities, and did get a few places to look at.

    The main thing we were searching for was, of course, the circle. Funny thing was that we tried to see the circle everywhere. The third place we visited looked very nice and suddenly Seppo said,"Look there is that circle!" And there it was! Just above the main entrance door, there was a circle which has been there ever since that old school was build; perhaps it was meant to be a window, or whatever, but for us it was the sign we were seeking. That's for sure!

    So we did find our old school in the middle of Finland by Vehkajarvi (Vehkalake), a place of great natural beauty. We just fell in love with it and had the possibility to rent it; of course, it was meant to be our very first place and our Center, and so we did a five-year leasing contract with the Padasjoki commune.

    We moved in August 1984, with joy in our hearts and full of energy and new plans. Our Spirit Friends confirmed to us that this was the right place, but also they told us in the very beginning that this would not be for a long time, because we would be moving by the Big Sea.
    At this time there were four of us, Liisa (Aulikki's mother), Raili Virtanen (who wanted to join us: because Dr. Hermann treated her necrosis and that way saved both her big toes), and us, Aulikki and Seppo.

    There was much to do, but in November everything was ready for the opening. We had bed places for 22 people and 50 comfortable armchairs, but we were able to serve about 100 visitors daily.
    Soon we needed more people to help us do the work, and people did come. Two of them, Aili Blom (Liisa's sister, Aulikki's Aunt) and Mari Luukko, had been given healing treatments by Dr. Hermann before, and after, they came to work for us. Everyone was happy with this kind of arrangement. In November TV 2 from Tampere came to make a program about us. They stayed with us two days and we had a great time together.
    We become to be very good friends with all of them and even later, most of them came over and over again to visit us and, of course, our Spirit Friends. That program, KAARIPORTTI, was aired on December 16th 1984. It was a big step for Spiritualism in Finland. Altogether, the TV program lasted two and a half hours, with half an hour of news in between. It did sound like all of Finland just woke up from its winter sleep, some yawning, some growling, some stammering, some laughing, some praising, some crying for joy - nearly everyone reacted somehow, for or against.
    Wheresoever we went, we were recognized. People came to us, either praising and thanking, or running away from us as they spotted us.
    Little by little more people came to visit us and we were invited abroad; to Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Word did spread about and we found more spiritually awakened people as we grew stronger in our own spiritual development.

    We stayed in Kasiniemi for three years. We had to leave this beautiful place because of the cold winters, the freezing water pipes (many times during the winter months), and the high heating expenses.

    But we know, and have been told, that there are many persons, including us, who never will forget that beautiful place and the great moments with our Spirit Friends. Many did find the help they were seeking and many people did find themselves; many people did find their path and we found thousands of friends. Kasiniemen Terapiakeskus is today history but that history will live forever in our hearts, and we are grateful for the experience that it gave to all of us.


    Aulikki & Seppo Plaami

    Born in August 1987

    New name, new place, but same group and same goal: to spread the word about True Spiritualism. Once again we were guided to find the place, a very nice twofamily home. At the ground floor we built our Kaariportti Chapel with the seven point star on the roof, which our Angel Girl Carmen had drawn. We also designed the altar with the guidance from Spirit World.
    Raili Virtanen had her home on one side, and we at the other end of the house. It was a much smaller place, but still there was enough space for us all. We also had the possibility to offer our visitors 10 beds for overnighters and 30-50 places for day visitors.
    We were very busy with all the Services. We were then asked to travel across Finland to do different Seminars, Spiritual Happenings and give Spiritual Concerts; we also went abroad doing similar activities throughout Europe.
    In the year 1990 we were invited to the USA. We visited many places in the Northwest; then we made a trip over to Canada, came back to the States and down to California, Oregon and Washington State. During that trip we were discussing about staying in the States, but we wondered, why should we do it? After that trip to America, we became very busy traveling all over Europe. Then in 1991 we found ourselves living in Luxemburg, in the middle of Europe, together with Juha Aulikki's son.
    KAARIPORTTI CHAPEL was reaching out to other countries in Europe.

    In 1992 we suddenly had the opportunity to have greencards. It happened through the greencard lottery. We were six altogether applying, and five of us did succeed to get the greencards. Only one was left out, but we did get the explanation from the Spirit, and we understand it very well now (in 1997). We were trying to establish Gate of Heaven and a Bed & Breakfast in Santa Barbara, CA. We did work at it nearly two years, but it turned out to be too much and too expensive to go on with.

    Also we got information from the Spirit World that it could ruin us but this was the only way for us to come into the USA and get greencards.

    We tried very hard to seek contacts with different Spiritual Churches, finding one here and an other there. We were travelling thousands of miles, trying to build contacts. It seemed to be very difficult; we had communication problems and it was difficult to find the right people to help us find the right sources.

    We went over to Hawaii, Honolulu, the first time for seven months, and second time for two months , before we found and got in contact with the Aquarian Foundation. They did spread the word about us and our Spirit Friends. Reverend Alma Hogan, the former Spiritual Leader of the Aquarian Foundation, Hawaiian Branch, was the one who really saw and understood what we were doing, and found it very important and needed to have people see and experience what we had to offer. The Founder and Spiritual Leader Keith Milton Rhinehart also became interested in us. He even contacted people in Europe, to check us out and find out if we were who we claimed to be.He received information that we were indeed who we were. He gave us the green light, and now the doors suddenly opened for us. We really felt for first time that we were being accepted in America.

    So in 1995, in August, we were building up, together with the Aquarian Foundation , a tour through all their branches in the States. We began in November 1995 from the Western part of the US, even up to Alaska, then in the beginning of 1996 we left California to go toTexas and all the way down to Florida. We also visited New York and Boston, went back to Florida and then came all the way back to California. It took us three months to make that trip, but it was worth it. We got to know many wonderful people, and we did learn so much about America. And the most important thing: we did understand why we had to come to the USA.

    We were offered to be Spiritual Leaders for the Aquarian Foundation, by its Founder and Spiritual Leader, Keith Milton Rhinehart. We were really thinking to do that, but it turned out to be impossible for us to make that commitment. Nothing that we tried really worked out. Suddenly we knew: GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL was to be established here. We were to build our own church for our Spiritual Teachers and Masters. Soon we had our papers and applications ready and the GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL was born in California, USA.


    Our Spiritual Leader from Saint Mary Chapel in Spirit World

    Abbess is our great teacher of love and humanity. She works with the Seven Sisters and Dr. Hermann from Spirit. In Finland at our Kaariportti Chapel, she had our morning services for 15 minutes, sometimes longer. She taught us about life's questions, earthly and spiritually. We have hundreds and hundreds of cassettes which have been transcibed and are now being translated into English. These lessons of wisdom will be made as a series of books. That love, humbleness, and respect to the Highest just radiates from her which you can feel very clearly. She comes often to touch people and they say that it is "a nearness and touch of pure love." She never gets tired to repeat the thoughts. If needed, again and again. She says, "I have, we all have, time for you when you have the time for us. We want to help you in the way you are able to accept it." Abbess is the one who usually brings the messages to people in the audience, but also it can be Angel Girl Carmen, Dr. Hermann, or somebody else. She is very old and you can see it in the way she uses the Instrument. She needs much energy and it's always better when there are people close who understand how to give and transfer energy to the Instrument. How to transfer energy, Spiritual Enlightment, and many other interested subjects - this she will teach in classes and guide people on how to be more open to the Spirit World. When she comes there is always something important to learn and receive as a message. All her messages bring meaning, guidance and help to whatever is important for us. How you can understand and what you can receive depends on you. If you want an explanation, she will give it to you. Messages come from the Guides, Masters, relatives and loved ones. It can be a warning, or a confirmation. It seems everything is possible if needed. Abbess has been working through Instrument Aulikki for fifteen years. It's an honor to meet her, join her classes, or hear her speak.

    People say, " You can nearly touch the love that radiates from Abbess."


    A Spirit Doctor and our Spiritual Leader

    Dr. Hermann passed over in 1915 during World War I. He was a German military doctor. He's been working through Mediums, mostly in Brazil, for over forty years. His real name on earth was Dr. Fritz Hermann, but since he has been working through Aulikki, he uses Dr. Hermann. In the beginning when we were told that he could be Dr. Fritz Hermann who had been working in Brazil through the Medium Oscar Wilde da Oliveira Silva, the answer was simply, "Yes they have called me so."
    In Finland, when Dr. Hermann began with the treatments, he wanted to be in touch with the patient, to come into their aura and feel their vibrations. He took pulse-diagnoses and began to tell them what was wrong, what should be done, and how. He never fails to tell people what kind of difficulties and problems they have or have had but he never tells them the exact name of the disease or illness because of the legal restrictions against diagnosing in America, as also in Europe. Later we got to understand that it was to protect the Medium. Also he does chiropractic treatments and during the years in Finland he was a very popular and loved doctor. Then it spread to Europe through a very big happening in Basel, Switzerland in 1986. PSI-TAGE and the Plaamis began to be very busy traveling between Finland & Switzerland. It includes Sweden, Denmark and Germany too. The help that Dr. Hermann brings to people was and is very needed and wanted, but also he's been saying, "call me and I'll be with you. We are working with Spiritual Healing and it is also possible to reach us by prayer. To the ones who are asking, begging, and praying and who will open themselves to it, we'll be there in any way, anywhere, any time." Today in America, Dr. Hermann works completely with Spiritual Healing Power, not touching but praying.

    Dr. Hermann is a Great Spirit Teacher and Leader who wants to help and do all he can to bring healing and help to all humankind as allowed within the Law. A variety of classes and lecture series, including Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Law, and Karma are now available at GATE OF HEAVEN CHAPEL and are known as the world famous Dr. Hermann Seminar.

    We are very privileged to have Dr Hermann working with us since 1984.


    The Angel Girl

    Many have said, “Carmen is a charming vivacious child.” That, she is, and much , much more... Carmen is a power of energy, love, and light. She has the important task of being the Control and keeping the contact between the Singers from the Spirit World and the Instrument, as Aulikki is called by Spirit. Carmen is a young girl who passed away at the age of 8 or 9. Although if you were to ask her her age, she would probably say, “16 or 17 “. Carmen has complete control through Aulikki. She can drink chocolate, tea, and water, and also eats chocolate, cakes, and cookies. Nobody else does this from Spirit. Carmen has many talents. She does drawings, oil paintings , tap dancing, composes and coordinates the music programs. She has a repertoire of over 500 songs. In case the Spirit Singer looses contact with the Instrument, she takes over immediately, otherwise that could be dangerous to Aulikki, the Instrument (or Medium). She is the one who brings the words in different languages to the songs. Aulikkis' mother Liisa is the writer for Finnish words. Until now there are songs in four languages (Finnish, Swedish, German and of course in English). Just to remind you, Aulikki has ever had any kind of musical training or music studies. She can't draw, paint, nor tap dance. She has never done any kind of poetry - Carmen does it all!

    When Carmen lived on earth she was crippled in both hands and feet. Today she is allowed and blessed with this opportunity to express herself through her Instrument, Aulikkis' body, and that also makes it easy to understand why she is so full of love and energy and humble in front of the Highest. She has told us that she has private conversations with the Father in Heaven and many times she shares what they have discussed.

    When Carmen was in Switzerland and heard somebody yodel for the first time, she tried to do it too, but she couldn't. There was nobody who could teach her how to do it, so she said that she would ask her Father in Heaven how to yodel, and soon after she told Seppo, "Now I know. Just play this and I will yodel." And so she did. During our next trip to Switzerland she surprised her friends by yodeling for them. She even learned to swim and dive! Something Aulikki never does is put her head under water. In the very beginning Carmen was afraid of the water. She did not even like to watch others swimming. In the year 1990, during the first trip to America, in the Sacramento River, she lay down on her stomach and asked Seppo to take a picture of her. The river was fairly low, nearly dry, perhaps only 2 feet of water, but enough for Carmen. How proud she was to show the picture to every one and say, " Look, I can swim." Anyhow, it was the very beginning and now she just loves to be in water and play. Carmen's fear of the water can be understood as we've been told that she went down with the Titanic in 1912. Live is full of wonders and surely Carmen is one of them. She brings messages from Spirit, Guides, relatives, and she will also speak for the singers if they want to say something to anybody during the concert. We could say that Carmen is a daily contact between us and the Spirit World. If there are questions we want to ask, she'll take the question further if she is not able to give the answer.

    It is very easy to fall in love with Carmen. She has the touch of Infinite Knowledge and the charming way to bring it to us.
    CARMEN (Latin Origin) does mean “SONG”. How true it is;
    she is our “ HEAVENLY SONG “.

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