0ur Spiritual Leader from Saint Mary Chapel in the Spirit World, Abbess, is our great teacher of love and humanity. She works with the Seven Sisters and Dr.Hermann from Spirit.

In Finland at our Kaariportti Chapel, she participated at our morning services for 15 minutes, sometimes longer. She taught us about life's questions, earthly and spiritually. We have hundreds and hundreds of cassettes which have been transcribed and are now being translated into English. These lessons of wisdom will be made into a series of books.

You can feel very clearly the love, humbleness, and respect for the Highest radiating from her. She comes often to touch people and they say that it is "a nearness and touch of pure love." She never gets tired of repeating her thoughts when ever it is needed. If needed, again and again. She says, "I have, we all have, time for you when you have the time for us. We want to help you in the way you are able to accept it." Abbess is the one who usually brings messages to people in the audience, but others can also bring us messages such as Angel-girl Carmen, Dr. Hermann, or somebody else. Abbess is very old and you can see it in the way she uses the Instrument. She needs much energy and it's always better when there are people close by who understand how to give and transfer energy to the Instrument.

How to transfer energy, Spiritual Enlightment, and many other subjects of interest--this she will teach in classes and guide people on how to be more open to the Spirit World. When she comes there is always something important to learn and receive in her messages. It could be a warning or a confirmation. All her messages bring meaning, guidance, and help to whatever is important for us. If you want an explanation, she will give it to you. Messages come from the Guides, Masters, relatives and loved ones. How you can understand and what you can receive depends on you. It seems everything is possible if needed.

Abbess has been working through Instrument Aulikki for more then twenty years. It's an honor to meet her, join her classes, or hear her speak. People say, " You can nearly touch the love that radiates from Abbess."

Abbess has been working through Instrument Aulikki for more then twenty years.

Abbess in Anaheim, CA

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